Thursday, August 7, 2014


So I am in that time of the summer where all I can afford to do is a quick update, because I don't have the proper time to sit down and write you a lovely little blog with all sorts of details. SORRY!

BUT!!!!! I have news and tings and news and tings!

Yes, I said tings...
and I say "so..." a lot


I attended the ACHI Awards Gala with my dashing hubby! We dressed up and went all out! Here are some images of our outfits for that night:

(Ben looking very dapper)

(A HUGE shout out to Jessica Fediw of Happy Together!! She created my skirt and shawl!!!)

(Got to see some new friends!)

(And some old friends!!!!)

(When I got home I found out out Red Carpet Host had changed his headline pic to have us on there! I was like "!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?-HAHAHAHAHA!")

(THERE WAS THIS SUPER COOL projector type thingy, and y'all know me, I had to stop and get some pics with it, I did some editing fun to the shots aftewards)

Also within the past couple of weeks my work has been found and published into Two magazines. Both have digital copies to them.

The first I saw on my newsfeed! You remember Miss Sachel! she guest blog posted here:

I saw this amazing picture on her facebook:

(my work is on the pic that's on the bottom right corner!)

With the exciting news that an article she had written had been published to Denim + Grace! I totally flipped out when I realized that the one of the images attached to it had been one her and I had worked on together. I was so excited to see one of my makeups in printed form!!!!!

Later on this week, I heard from another amazing photographer that I worked with, (Stacy Lynn of Secret Places Photography) that an image her and I had worked on together had been published to another printed magazine! I was totally blown away.
This was one of the coolest shoots I had worked on to date, the concepts were classy, but Stacy's portrayal has such a twist! I really enjoyed working this shoot with her!!!!!!!

I Just wanted to publicly say thank you to Denim + Grace and Surreal Beauty Magazine for their publications of images our teams have worked hard to put together, and their eye to add us to their published issues! thank you so much!

The Denim + Grace Issue can be purchased here:

The Surreal Beauty Magazine Issue can be purchased here:

WELL!!! that's all for now folks! I will hafta update some more later! If ya read down this far, YOU ROCK!

and yes I totally said this was a post without details, I take that back... ^^] Catchya later!