Thursday, May 7, 2015

Mentorship Portfolio

Keren R. Robinson

Rudy and Kelly Academy


There comes a time in a person’s life, where a realization to move forward in one’s makeup as a human, spiritual being, professional, and relational being; hinges on the influence of those around us. To reach higher goals, to excel where we currently are, to find ourselves; we look to those we respect in the industry as the leaders that lead us into our next adventures, to our next great discovery, our next greatest development. These visionaries are few and far between. They are those who have endured hardships, developmental blocks, relational stresses, personal downfalls and still persevered. CeCilia Patterson is one such diamond in the rough.

10 Years Ago...

I had just graduated from Grace Academy Highschool, in the tucked-away bed-room town of Washington, D.C., Hagerstown, MD. The world was before me. I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do with my life. I just knew, I wanted to create.

I enrolled at the local trade school to study the Art of Graphic Design. While some of the technical concepts were foreign to me. The beauty of the art came naturally to my understanding. I enjoyed color theory, painting, and drawing.

Fast forward  5 years...

My husband’s family resided in the area and his job was the better paying one, so I decided it was time to leave the North. I moved to the Virginia Beach area. I had a difficult time finding work based in graphic design, so I took a position as an Administrative Assistant at a local Christian Missions Organization. The environment was mentally, emotionally and at times spiritually, and on rare occasions, verbally abusive. I worked there for 3 years.

My dad was diagnosed with ALS (Lu Gerigh’s Disease) during that period of time. I dealt with so much guilt for moving to Virginia and leaving my family. I couldn’t be there to help my parents, and that was too much to bear.

During this time, I stopped taking pictures, painting, drawing, listening to music; and became extremely depressed. I was never officially diagnosed with anything, but I know I was dealing with something.

One night, a friend of mine introduced me to someone she had been in contact with. He happened to a leading act in the Virginia Beach area and ran his own entertainment company. He was looking for caricature artists, face painters, and performers. She had told him about me, and so he offered me a position face painting down at the beach front for the summer. He could see I was nervous and told me not to worry, that a workshop would be provided.


Enter Cecilia Patterson…

The kindest, funniest, most talented person I had met in years at that point. At our first face painting workshop, I dropped my brush so many times, she grabbed a cup of brushes I could just grab at if needed. Cecilia  was so patient and kind with me. I was extremely insecure in my painting abilities, to the point she would actually need to place the brushes in my fingers correctly, and help me practice my painting stroke. It was like trying to teach a toddler how to properly hold their fork. She sent me home that night with instructions on practicing strokes.

We had several more workshops before my debut date on the beach front. While we would practice strokes, Cecilia and I would talk about everything from art, home life, politics, and spirituality. Her positivity chipped away at the cast I had built around myself, the protective wall I had built to keep others out. Little by little, she brought joy and the love of art back into my life. She encouraged me to encourage myself through self-affirmations. It was like God allowed me to meet my guardian angel in human form.

To hear of her personal struggles, setbacks and victories I was inspired to push through and excel my first summer down at the beach front. I had wanted some things pretty badly in my life, butnever to the point where I didn’t want to let myself down. She inspired me to be the best version of myself that I possibly could be.

So it with great pleasure I introduce to you, Cecilia Patterson. She is a Virginia Beach local. She received her training at Rudy & Kelly Academy in Virginia Beach. She is educated in fashion design as well as fashion, merchandising, and graphic design. Cecilia has had experience in an upscale salon and spa where the focus was to cater to the needs of clients while providing the best color and texture services and customer service. She has also had experience in a more urban setting, where a variety of services were performed such as braiding, sew-ins, extensions, and nails.

She owned her own hair salon/studio briefly specializing in hair color, cuts, blow dry’s, body and face paint, and custom artwork. She was a body painting platform artist for the Lawrence Brothers Hair show, which led to the salon she painted for, winning the hair battle competition. She has worked with many photographers for editorial pieces, along with video shoots for portfolios, reality tv show promotion, and hair show production.

She also specializes in color, bright block color, cutting and face and body painting. Aside from her many talents, she has also joined It Works! And built a side business selling wraps and nutritional aids, so that others can feel healthier.While attending Paul Mitchell Rudy & Kelly Academy in 2011, she received recognition for  “Selling the Most Product on Super Service Day”, “Having the Most Clients on Super Service Day”, and “Best Hugs” of Core Class on 01.11.2011

She has a distinct style of her own, taking an idea or object that may be old fashioned, andputting a creative, funky twist on it.  Her philosophy is that it is never too late to go after yourdreams, and never let anyone or anything ever get in the way of your dreams.

Her goals were to become self employed doing hair and artwork once she received hercosmetology license. After working at a few salons, she was able to gain the experience sheneeded to own her own shop. Even though her shop closed due to partner’s financial issues, shestill plans on opening up a shop in the future concentrating on hair, tattoos and art.


Cecilia’s accomplishments:

She has completed Cosmetology training; received Cosmetology License; is Self-Employed; and is a multi-talented hairstylist/artist

Her and I were cut from the same cloth. My aspirations are quite similar to her accomplishments.

She was there for me at a time I could not even recognize myself, it’s because of her love an encouragement, that I have enthusiastically taken up the torch for my education and betterment as a person.